We created the new comedy web series, THE KIDS FROM PLANET EARTH to get kids inspired about caring for the planet.  We think the world today could use some young heroes who are champions for the Earth - so our young actors act as role models for kids who think a healthy future is something worth fighting for. 

In this web series, a group of kids must stop bumbling villains, Major Drool and Private Buddle, from turning the planet into a giant garbage can.

We help kids think about how we (as a society) impact the health of the planet with every choice we makefrom disposable cups to polluted air that chokes our breath away.

And we do that with humor—lot’s of playful, pie in your face, bickering villains, grownups in trash suits, humor.

We believe it’s not too late to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We believe in the excitement kids feel when they realize how ACTION can make a difference.

We’d love for you to help us. It takes a crowd of passionate people to bring about change. Corporations won’t do it. Our message: BREAK THE ADDICTION TO STUFF, FOCUS ON FAMILY, FRIENDS AND THE HEALTH OF THE PLANET.

We've filmed four 18 minute episodes. Episode 1 is in the final stages of post-production.

In order to complete post production for episodes 2–4, we seek editors and experts in post production who are willing to contribute to the completion of the last 3 episodes. Please reach out if you have post production skills, and want to help out.  How can you resist: laughing out loud by yourself in a dark room with a screen in your face - could it get any better?

Kids need programming like the Kids from Planet Earth. Your support will help us continue the web series and our campaign (touring play for schools, music video, web site, follow-up activities) to excite kids toward action.