Interactive outdoor walking stories for kids

Imagine a group of children (4–10 years old) gathered on a field of grass or by a shade tree.

A costumed character enters, sets up a Nature story, and takes the kids on a quest full of learning, games and adventure.

Natures theater page magical seeds.jpg

Nature’s Theater has created a catalog of outdoor walking stories that allow children to touch and be touched by Nature. On stories like BirdmanAnimal Circle Club and Nature Heroes kids might explore what birds do, join the animal circle club and adopt the motto “to preserve and protect the planet.” 

The stories have a very simple plot and costumes can be as basic as wearing a colored sheet as a cape and adding a mask. It’s all in the book: How to Run an Outing, Group Management, Costume and Prop ideas/checklists and more.

It’s easy to run a Nature’s Theater outing. Even teens enjoy their experience leading a group of younger kids through a story—it gives them a sense of meaning and accomplishment.

You can lead a very special outing for your kids. An outing kids remember for a long time. It’s called Nature’s Theater.