The Kids from Planet Earth is a project of passion that evolved from identifying a need.

We are grateful to the many people and groups who have come together to share their talent and resources.

The project continues to evolve. 

Here’s the ever growing list of people and groups we collaborate with: 

DEVAUGN KEYSDirector of Photography, Editor, FX and collaborator extraordinaire– contact us to share a message

NATURE KIDS & Kenny BallentineCo Director on the Kids From Planet Earth Web Series– Also created an inspiring documentary on getting kids into nature -

TULEYOMEPartners in getting people outside and youth programming. This group does amazing land conservation work in Northern California, including the campaign to designate Berryessa Snow Mountain as a National Monument–

YOLO SOLANO AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (YSAQMD)The main funder for the stage show: The Kids From Planet Earth–

COOL DAVISCollaborated with them for multiple shows and coalition members to reduce carbon footprint for the city of Davis, CA–

DAVIS COMMUNITY CHURCHdonated rehearsal space for the theatrical show– 

Utsav BhargavaWrote the score for the first episode of the web series– contact us to share a message

Ruben AgostoComposed music for the music video Buy Stuff & Drool– contact us to share a message

Kevin WelchBuy Stuff & Drool studio recording session and vocals– Boca do

And some of the wonderful actors who give life to The Kids from Planet Earth: 

Rick Kleber as Major Droolcontact us to share a message

Cody Svozil as Private Buddlecontact us to share a message

Callie Miller as GBcontact us to share a message

Devin DeGeyter as Fredcontact us to share a message

Horacio Gonzalez as Trepcontact us to share a message

Matías Bombal as The VoiceMatías Bombal's Hollywood–

Vatrena King as The TreeZuccatti Park–