SOCCER IN THE TRASH—YUCK. Let's change this!

SOCCER IN THE TRASH—YUCK. Let's change this!

Choose or take a photo of something polluted, unhealthy or Yucky in your city—something that makes you mad and you’d like to change.

Send photo to this email link:  EMAIL

Winning photos will be added to the KFPE website and seen by people all over the world.

A little hint:  We are looking for photos that communicate a message. Examples of a message:  1) we are tired of living with dirty air 2) dirty water 3) endless amounts of waste  4) we are making a change.

Need examples of Yuck? Here are a few areas to look at.

  • Dirty Water
  • Polluted Air
  • Unhealthy Food
  • Food with Lots of Chemicals
  • Noise Pollution
  • Trash Dumped in Random Places
  • Water Wasters
  • Energy Wasters
  • A place where people use lots of disposables
  1. Please check with a parent, guardian or a teacher before you take and send us a photo of Yuck.
  2. In the email, include if the photo was taken by you or someone else.  If you know who took the photo, please include their name(s).
  3. Does your photo have a story?  Please share it.